Guide to preparing for a flood and protecting your property

In extreme conditions you won’t be able to stop flood water, and you should always put personal safety above attempts to protect property and possessions. Despite this, there are steps that you can take to keep water out, to buy yourself time to preserve property and possessions, and to limit the damage that flood water does. See the Guide prepared by GoCompare.

Flood Risk in Matlock

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River Levels in Our Area

Current River Bank Repairs in Matlock Town Centre

This is an artist’s impression of the finished wall. Note that work is now completed and has successfully protected the Town Centre from the severe flooding of the Derwent in autumn 2023.

Flood wall repairs at Matlock Bridge
Notes of Flood Awareness Town Meeting for Matlock (07.10.21)Download
Matlock Floods; November 2019


Sadly, any measures taken after the 2019 floods were not sufficient to protect Matlock from exactly the same occurrence in February 2022, when Storm Franklin put the town centre under water again.