Hydros of Darley Dale and Matlock Bath

LocationName Opened/Closed
Other Names
Wartime FunctionOther UsesCurrent Use (2022)Significant Dates and Notes
Dale Road (A6),
Darley Dale

Darley Dale Hydro1889-190370 guests_ _ _ _c1820: Original house built by lead merchant, J. Alsop.
1863: Sold; redeveloped.
Pre 1889:
The Grove, a complex including a house, farm and kitchen garden
1889: The Grove farm complex was purchased & remodelled as an impressive Victorian Gothic hydro by William Atkins, manager of Rock Side (& nephew of its owner, Charles Rowland). Darley Dale Hydro was situated on a fine 51-acre site, complete with its own golf course.
1903: Atkins declared bankrupt.
St Elphin’s School
1904: Property acquired by St Elphin’s School, which was looking for larger premises. St Elphin’s, originally established in 1844 for the daughters of the clergy, was closely associated with St Elphin’s Church, Warrington, hence its name.
1904: New premises opened. 1905: School held 1st Darley Dale prize day.
2005: School closed; buildings & grounds purchased by the Audley organization which created St Elphin’s Retirement Village, with Atkin’s building at its heart.
St Elphin’s Park
Retirement Village

Arrival of first residents
Holme Road,
Matlock Bath
Clarence House Hydro 1871-c1900*
*Not continuous;
see notes on right
40 guests_ _ _ _1871: Hydro built by Joseph Roberts; then at least two owners
Temperance hotel

1870s: New manager (owner?) William Cartledge from Lime Tree Guest House, ran the establishment as a temperance hotel; but Dr Samuel Armstrong later resumed hydropathic treatments.
1887: Purchased by Rev Richard Nicholson, of Bridge House Hydro.
1894: Richardson declared bankrupt
1894-1900s: Various owners. .
Early 1900s:
Boarding house
Early 1900s: Boarding house managed by Eliza & Edward (son) Aspey
North Parade (A6),
Matlock Bath
Matlock Bath Hydro1883-1890sNot residential_ _ _ _c1786-1882: Thermal bath (68oF, 20oC) c1786: Stephen Simpson (creator of Heights of Abraham in 1784) opened Matlock Bath’s third thermal bath, after Old Bath (1696) & New Bath (1745).

From c1813: Known as Fountain Bath.
1882: New building; today’s Aquarium.
1883-at least 1933:
Swimming pool
(probably in use until 1938, when former Matlock Lido opened).
1883: Thermal swimming pool opened. Hydropathic treatment also offered in private cubicles; complex advertised as ‘Matlock Bath Hydro’. Not clear whether the new facilities were opened by Joseph Dakin (of the Royal Museum) or by the Howe family (publishers of local guides etc).

From at least 1887-post 1890: Hydro run by Howe family
Matlock Bath Aquarium
Derby Rd (A6),
Matlock Bath
Masson House Hydro1930s-c1939Substantial property_ _ _ __ _ _ _1930s: S.W. Daley-Yates advertised electrical treatments and massages.
By 1939: Daley-Yates relocated to Smedley Street (Matlock) as an orthopaedist and chiropodist. Note: Masson House is situated opposite Masson Mill.
Masson House Care Home