Lime Tree Road

As described in the John Bowne story, Lime Tree Road and Lime Tree Farm were named after a tree that was sadly cut down in 1928 but must have stood for at least 300 years at the junction of Lime Tree Road with what is now Hurst Rise . The story of its felling for safety reasons is told in the Andrews Pages.

In 2000 MCA won a Derbyshire CC Greenwatch Award including a modest monetary award.  We used the money to help pay for a new Lime tree at the Fire Station entrance – on Lime Tree Road.  David Smith and Ken Parker did the planting (a local Lime grown from seed!). The widow of Derbyshire CC Chairman (Cllr Harry Lowe) carried out the formal ceremony. Stakes were supplied by Derwent Treescapes.

MCA Lime Tree planting at the Fire Station in 2000; L>R. Ken Parker, Chris Wragg, David Smith, Mrs Harry Lowe, Barry & Marion Heathcote, Tottie Holden & family, and firemen from the Station
Ken Parker explains the background to the project

In 2021 the tree is still there and celebrates its 21st birthday. Now it has almost caught up with the other trees further up the hill.