Matlock Bridge Viewpoint


The creation of the Matlock Bridge Viewpoint was the Civic Association’s 2004 contribution to the District Council’s Matlock Parks Restoration Project.  This was a Lottery funded programme of works.  MCA had commented that the masterplan did not show any work to open up the view of the historic Matlock Bridge which, at the time, was blocked off from the Park by a high hedge and large information board.  MCA offered to design and implement a scheme to open up this view (and the reverse view into the Park from the Bridge).  The District Council welcomed and supported this MCA initiative.  It also allowed MCA’s time to be used by the District Council as part of its match funding for Lottery grant purposes.

Project Design and Management

Ken Parker from MCA did the initial design and negotiations.  David Smith was the MCA Site Manager and worked with MCA volunteers to do the physical work of excavation, levelling, kerbing , paving and planting as well as fitting two new seats.  David also liaised with DDDC’s contractors who provided the paving materials (mostly re-used from elsewhere in the Park).  Local entrepreneur Bill Clay donated £500 for the planting materials and Martin Burfoot did the planting design.  The metal fencing was provided by DDDC and the gold tops added by David.  The explanatory plaque was provided and fitted by Leander Architectural under contract to MCA.

This plaque records the history of the bridge as well as MCA’s project to create the viewpoint.  It was unveiled 101 years after the bridge was widened in 1904.

The photos show the project two years after completion (click on the “+” at centre of photo to see enlarged pictures).