Shiploads (MCA’s First Project; 1983)

The Ship Loads was MCA’s first project, carried out in 1983 in partnership with Derbyshire Dales District Council, with further help from the Community Programme Team (an unemployment relief scheme at the time), the 15th Matlock Scouts and donations of some materials from local companies.

It was a neglected, weed infested deteriorating tarmac space at the end of Dale Road next to the Railway Bridge 

MCA designed and organised the transformation to a block paving sitting area with planting beds, seats and a new wall to partly enclose the space.  Two seats were relocated and two others added. Explanatory plaques were fixed to the wall with text provided by the Arkwright Society.  MCA volunteers did most of the physical work (see photos).  We were younger then!  A Community Programme team built the wall (this was an unemployment relief scheme at the time).  The 15th Matlock Scouts helped with the planting.  Donations of some
of the materials came from local companies.

Pete Beamiss laying paving blocks
Chris Knuckey painting the railings
Scouts spreading topsoil
Wall built by Community Programme Team
The completed Ship Loads project

The Finished Project 1983

40 years on it is still looking reasonably good.  DDDC have been site managers. The Town Council have added a flower container more recently

The Ship Loads plaque; the story of the name. Installed in 1983 but picture from 2019
The Ship Loads plaques were installed in 1983 with one re-painting in 2009